Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sweet Disposition

Happy Sunday!

Almost to another work week and back to the grind. However, here are a few things I like to start my weekdays with, making those five days a bit more bearable and a lot more sweeter.

1. Temper Trap's song "Sweet Disposition." Easy listening, with much build-up at the end. Guitars and soft crescendo= an utterly blissful 3:55.

2. As the season progresses, I have been drawn to all things autumn. Now, whether it's apple cider or the sound of crunchy leaves, I will always hold one thing dear to my fall heart: A pumpkin spice candle. Not only is it a nice swap from the harsh fluorescent lighting, but makes your room smell like a fresh baked pie. Now what could be better?

(This is my school's College Green during the fall!)

3. Lately, I've been trying to not "sweat the small stuff." This is exceedingly hard in people's hectic and busy lifestyles, but probably the most useful advice. Thus, in my room I have a piece of artwork hanging that reminds me to always keep perspective. Like I stated in the end of an earlier post, the artwork states, "Keep Calm and Carry On." Oh so true! Say it to yourself five times fast every day!

4. I am a huge magazine lover and this has translated to my friends, as well. Anything from Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar and the like, we can't get enough. So, flipping through the pages of Lucky Magazine, I found yet again a line that Urban Style carries in store! The profile was on the jewelry line, Dannijo. Here's the link online to the profile Lucky wrote! I love all the line's pieces and I especially think they make great statement pieces for any outfit.

5. Now, to the fun part. Every time I dread the beginning of the week, I pick an outfit the night before to wear the next day. Not only does this save me a tremendous amount of time, but also is kind of a fun little surprise, something to look forward to. New York Fashion Week is this week and i'm anticipating all of the shows! I keep checking hour by hour to see updates...I'll keep you posted! However, what I hear is huge for this season is fur and leather. Living in a small college town, fashion risks are few and far between. Yet, a few friends and I decide to be bold every now and then and sport some looks that may get a few stares. On my must-wear list: faux-fur topper, military green cargo pants, leather shorts, fringe and huge cocktail rings.

Also, I hope everyone checked out Skif's Trunk Show this weekend in-store! Not only does Skif have a variety of colors and designs, but styles to fit each personality. The process of making these sweaters is intricate and makes the garment, I feel, more interesting and unique. I want to hear how the trunk show went and what customers favorite purchases were! Keep posting comments everyone!

Have a terrific week everyone and remember the list of things to brighten up even the gloomiest days!


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