Saturday, September 18, 2010

Runway Realway

Happy Fashion Week, everyone!

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed New York Fashion Week and were keeping up with some amazing collections by very talented designers.

So, this brings me to my thought of the moment. I love fashion, runways, fashion weeks, couture collections, elite designers and the like. But, what I have a problem with is its exclusivity. Like I've said in my previous posts, fashion should be inclusive, rather than exclusive.

I obsessively check for the latest news in the fashion industry along with other blogs that I think test traditional style limits. Fashion blogs such as Cupcakes and Cashmere, Fashion Toast and Sea of Shoes go beyond the typical idea of just clothes. Not only do the bloggers engage their readers, but they truly care about what they think...and comment back to them, too!

I really applaud those who break unconventional norms and try something different. Check them out and add them to your Google Reader...I promise, it's worth it!

Also, some exciting updates! Urban Style's Web site is updated with new fall pictures from designers and new content! We also are featuring a calendar of Urban Style's upcoming trunk shows from Lorain Croft, Jarbo and Loreta Corsetti, our in-house milliner!

Reader's Note: Somehow, it's not allowing me to link to other sites and post pictures...I will be fixing this ASAP!

Keep on the lookout for more amazing pieces coming in DAILY to Urban Style!

Happy Fall!

Urban Style Emporium

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