Sunday, July 11, 2010

Styling on a Dime

I hail from a rather small town in Northeast Ohio. With that being said, picturesque suburbia can have its benefits and downfalls. Close knit families line the side streets residing in uniformed houses while children roam the lawns with adolescent splendor.

I've never realized how many things differ and stay the same no matter what area you're in. So, for the summer, like I said, I live in Chicago and intern at Urban Style Emporium . Skyscrapers and busy streets are common here and for a college student like myself, i've run into some big issues with living on a budget.

HOWEVER, what I have come to realize about this Windy City (and I realized it wasn't just called that because it's windy...) is that you live in your means, still have an amazing time and be stylish. It just depends on your attitude and outlook.

While the sales tax may be a little more high (9.75% to be exact) than Ohio's, I have become voracious in my attempt to live on a budget and be styling on a dime.

And, as I live very close to the luxuries of Michigan Avenue with stores like Chanel and Max Mara, I realize that no matter what your price point, in the words of Tim Gunn , "Make it Work."

Speaking of sales, luxury and individuality!

Urban Style Emporium is having their Annual Sidewalk Sale THIS WEEK! I know, I can't hardly wait, too. From Thursday through Saturday, Urban Style will be on sale (50% off!) and this includes jewelry, accessories, clothing, etc. One of the best deals all season, don't forget to check us out during our normal business hours from 11-7 p.m. on Thursday and Friday and 11-6 on Saturday.

If you forget where we're located here's something to refresh your memory:

We are located UNDERGROUND on the northeast corner of Delaware Place and Miles van der Rohe. Walk east on Delaware Place one block past Michigan Ave. to Mies van der Rohe and turn left. Look for the brick stairs leading down. We are located just inside on the right. For handicap accessible, just past the steps you will see a walkway at street level leading into the building. Take the elevator to the lower level. STORE ENTRANCE IS ON MILES VAN DER ROHE DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM CAFE MED BY BICE.

Designers such as Elm, Ivan Grundahl , Planet , Studio Rundholz and the like will be on sale and for fifty percent off, how can you beat that?

From the Urban Style team, can't wait to see you there!

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