Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Independently Chic

Hello everyone!

It's almost Fourth of July and you know what that means...another excuse to dress up! And of course, celebrate America's Independence. Thus, the title: Independently Chic.

Ah yes, yes. The Fourth of July usually brings in a slew of red, white, and blue emblazoned shirts, adorned with flags, rhinestones (i've seen it) and even some fur (it's hot outside...I applaud them).

However, I say people can dress for the occasion in a much more, well, tasteful way that's fit to one's budget and would make Lady Liberty proud. At Urban Style, we encourage individuality and the mantra "if you feel good, you'll look good."

So, to make you a hit at any party this weekend, I encourage a few things to try on for size (ha, a little fashion joke).

First off, when going to a July 4th celebration, one does not need to dress like the American flag. Yes, it's beautiful, but on a flag, not a person. Wearing pieces of white, blue and red will make you stand a good way.

Asking around the store, I wanted to know what the Urban Style staff thought would be the best Fourth of July outfits. Ines told me that bits and pieces of color make an outfit, whether it's a bold, red reef necklace like the one we have in-store (so chic!) or a fitted blue jacket to keep you warm when it pushes into the evening hours.

Terri agreed with her sentiments and said that subtlety is key. I personally think nothing looks better on the Fourth than a white v-neck shirt, quintessentially Americana blue jeans paired with a nice, comfortable pair of sandals either in white or in a shade of red. It's hinting that you appreciate all things America, but not smacking your friend in the face with your USA pride.

Also, play up on classics, twisting the pieces to make them uniquely your own. White jeans or linen pants look great as well as classic flats! Coming in all colors, styles and sizes, this is one of the easiest and quickest ways to dress up/or down any outfit.

Here's some pictures that inspired me this Fourth of July:

Courtesy of:

Courtesy of:

Courtesy of: L.L. Bean

Red ballet flats, an L.L. Bean tote and navy dress? What could be better?

Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you all have a safe, fun and patriotic Fourth of July Weekend!

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